Country: Costa Rica

Death in Paradise

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Flying in from the north, you can see the geographic divide of the virus in the shift from the sickly yellow-green of the pineapple fields to the dark rise of lush mountain ranges. From the sky you can see the plantations, where impoverished immigrant workers have no social distancing, PPE, or access…

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Letter from Costa Rica

English + Español
In my home office, the engraving “El solitario”—“The Solitary One”— by famed Costa Rican artist Francisco Amighetti has accompanied me for many years. The image is divided into two planes. At the bottom, a quite lively group is festively socializing with glasses of wine and…

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Linking Lizards

When most of us hear the word “island,” we picture a tropical paradise with palm trees, sunshine, and white sand beaches. When I hear the word “island,” however, I think of Anolis lizards, or anoles. Anoles are a diverse group of arboreal lizards found in the Caribbean, Central and…

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