DRCLAS and IDB Launch Book Series

by | May 15, 2005

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and DRCLAS have signed an agreement to create the “Latin American Development Series,” a peer-reviewed English-language books series on Latin American issues, along with a commitment to also co-publish books in Spanish.

“This partnership between Harvard University and the Inter-American Development Bank to publish their best works on development in Latin America and the Caribbean is a very promising initiative,” said Mirna Liévano de Marques, the IDB´s External Relations Advisor. “Harvard’s academic prestige and the Bank’s extensive knowledge of Latin America as the largest regional financial institution will be mutually enriching.”

“We are convinced that this co-publishing agreement will make a significant contribution to the literature on social and economic progress in the region,” she added. “The series should prove useful to a wide range of audiences, from policymakers and politicians, think tanks, economists and academicians to journalists and civil society, as well as the development community in general.”

Harvard University Press will distribute the IDB-DRCLAS Series, as it does the David Rockefeller Center Series on Latin American Studies. The IDB and DRCLAS also plan to co-publish a number of original Spanish-language books, as well as translate and publish English-language books into Spanish or Portuguese. Furthermore, the IDB will also translate into Spanish and Portuguese two or three articles from each publication of ReVista: Harvard Review of Latin America. As part of this agreement, the IDB may also choose to post articles from ReVista on its website.

“We hope that this collaborative effort between the IDB and DRCLAS will have an enormous impact in Latin America and the Caribbean by disseminating the most relevant work from each institution in a more effective way,” said DRCLAS Director John Coatsworth. “This partnership will also help expand the DRCLAS book series, the majority titles to date that have been in English, into a wider audience of Spanish and Portuguese readers.”

Spring/Summer 2005, Volume IV, Number 2

Steve Reifenberg is the director of the DRCLAS Regional Office in Santiago, Chile.

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