A Continuing Saga

by | Jul 8, 2022

It’s not over yet.

Covid (we’ll drop the -19 going forward) is still causing deaths and serious illness in Latin America and the Caribbean, as elsewhere.

One out of every four Covid deaths in the world has taken place in Latin America, although the region is home to only eight percent of its population. That means—besides the horrific number of orphans—that economies are still struggling to return to pre-pandemic levels.  If the region had high levels of inequality before Covid, it’s more unequal now.

The pandemic laid bare deficits in health care, education, housing, transportation, connectivity, racial justice—in almost every aspect of Latin American society, not to mention the inequalities affecting the Latinx community in the United States.

We must rebuild as we mourn.

Latin America is in transition and facing the challenge of building back better.

In the pages of this issue (is “pages” a proper term now that ReVista is online only?), you’ve read stories about the effects of lockdown and illness, documenting the first two years-plus of the pandemic.

We’re now moving forward with a new Spotlight: “Perspectives in the Era of Covid.”

We invite you to be part of the new feature with articles on how your country (or your country focus or Latinx community) is recuperating, about your experiences and concerns.  You can propose your ideas to me at jerlick@fas.harvard.edu

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Spring/Summer 2022Volume XXI, Number 3

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