Photoessay: Food in the Americas

From Guatemala Markets to Brazilian Goat Cheese

by | Jul 15, 2001

” People give food meaning. It’s easy to trivialize because food is everywhere. But love of food is love of life.

-Barbara Haber, curator of printed books

from top: A Guatemalan market: A woman in tradi- tional dress sells her produce; Guatemalan men carefully sort through the produce; a closeup of traditional fruits and vegetables, sold in small bags for munching with lemon, chile, and salt.


Fazenda Geneve, a goat farm in Nova Friburgo, Brazil, where they make all the cheese for French restaurants in Brazil


“Famine and undernourishment are not due to lack of food availability. Rather they result from the inability of people to grow their own food or to purchase it from those that grow it.

-Otto T. Solbrig, Havard Biology Department

Spring/Summer 2001


Justin Ide is staff photographer at Harvard Universitys Office of News and Public Affairs. He has traveled extensively in Latin America and can be reached at «justin_ide@harvard.edus.

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