The Best of ReVista Photo Contest

by | Sep 25, 2016

The Best of ReVista is a prize for the best photograph published in ReVista in the previous academic year sponsored by DRCLAS publications and ARTS@DRCLAS.

This year’s winning photographs chosen by a jury of professional photography experts are Walter Iraheta and David Huamani B. Honorable mentions in the professional category go to Mauro Arias and Leslie Searles.



WALTERIO IRAHETA for “Shoes” Iraheta studied Applied Arts in El Salvador, Mexico and Chicago. He lives and works in El Salvador as a photographer, curator and professor.



DAVID HUAMANI B./OJOS PROPIOS for “Marcona” Huamani B. is a member of the photo collective Ojos Propios in Lima, Peru.



MAURO ARIAS of El Salvador for “Boy in the Coffee Fields”


LESLIE SEARLES of Peru for “Newborn”



Rodrigo Abd is an Argentine staff photographer for the Associated Press. He won the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for breaking news photography. He is a 2016 Maria Moors Cabot Award winner for a distinguished body of work that has contributed to inter-American understanding.

Marcelo Brodsky is an Argentine photographer and conceptual artist whose best-known work deals with the legacy of the dictatorship. A recipient of the Jean Mayer Award from the Tufts Institute for Global Leadership, Brodsky created the installation “Human Tides” at Tufts to draw attention to contemporary global migrations and refugees.

Andrea Bruce, a 2016 Nieman Fellow at Harvard, is a U.S. docu- mentary photographer who brings attention to people living in the aftermath of war. She was named Photographer of the Year four times by the White House News Photographers Association and received a 2011 Alicia Patterson Foundation Fellowship.

Andrea Josch, a Chilean photogra- pher and academic, is the editor- in-chief of the South American photography magazine Sueño de la Razón. The academic director of the Photographic Research and Creation Master’s program at the Finis Terrae University in Santiago de Chile, she is also a researcher at the same institution.

João Kulcsar is a Brazilian photog- rapher, curator and academic who works on issues of citizenship and visual literacy. He was a 2002-03 Fulbright Scholar at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education and collaborates frequently with Project Zero. He teaches at Senac University in São Paulo, Brazil, and is the editor of the site www.

Fall 2016Volume XVI, Number 1

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