Theme: Immigration and Latino Studies

Creators and Creatives

Not long ago, June Carolyn Erlick, the editor of ReVista and my boss, casually asked me about animation in Latin America. I could not answer, which, as a Mexican-American film student at…

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From Tteokguk to Tamales

I was born and raised in Guatemala to South Korean parents. A simple desayuno típico chapín (Guatemalan breakfast which includes eggs, beans, plantains, tortillas and coffee) is my…

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Exodus Testimonios

The audience at Iglesia Monte de Sion was ecstatic as believers lined up to share their testimonials. “God delivered us from Egypt and brought us to the Promised Land,” said José as he shared his testimonio with the small Latinx Pentecostal church in central California…

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Open Minds of Latin America

English + Español
I’m sitting in a giant soccer stadium painted green from tens of thousands of jerseys. With each pass, we all scream “Olé!” With each missed shot, our collective shrug reverberates through the

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