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Making a Difference: Historic Archives of Santa Cruz de la Sierra

English + EspañolResearchers interested in investigating the history and anthropology of Bolivia’s eastern region will find two documentation centers in Santa Cruz de la Sierra: the Museo de Historia y Archivo Histórico of Universidad Autónoma Gabriel René Moreno (the History Museum and Archives of the Gabriel René Moreno University and the Archivo Histórico del Arzobispado (Historic Archives of the Archbishopric). …

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Making a Difference: Learning through Libraries

At the front of the room, in large letters, appeared the question: “De dónde viene el agua?” Where does the water come from? The room was filled with nearly fifty teachers and parents from Ahuachapán, the coffee-growing region of El Salvador. Divided into groups of four, they observed a cold can of Coke dripping with the moisture of condensation. They had eight minutes to draw a model explaining this scientific phenomenon….

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Making A Difference: Repatriating Photographs

I first learned of the United Fruit Company’s operations in Colombia, like many people, when I read Gabriel García Márquez’s 100 Years of Solitude and its description of the 1928 massacre of banana workers in Santa Marta. A few years later, I was researching United Fruit for my dissertation, and was met with a wall of silence when I tried to contact the company to gain access to its records. Several other scholars including Philippe …

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Making A Difference: The United Fruit Company Collection at the Harvard Business School

Baker Library Historical Collections at Harvard Business School has extensive photographic collections documenting a range of companies and activities, Perhaps the most significant collection is the United Fruit Company Photograph Collection. Donated to Harvard Business School in 1979 by the United Brands Company, the United Fruit Collection consists of seventy-five photograph albums that illustrate the company’s …

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