Garbage (Winter 2015)

"Descarga Cero" by Jake Kheel, environmental director of Puntacana Resort & Club in the Dominican Republic, shows waste before being processed in its ambitious Zero Waste Program. 


Table of Contents

Waste by Marty Chen

Trash as Treasure by William L. Fash and E. Wyllys Andrews

Recycle the Classics by Doris Sommer

A Recycling (of) Tradition: A Photoessay by Andrew Lantz

Trash into Treasure by Tina Montalvo and Charles Martin

Living off Trash in Latin America by Martin Medina

Recycling Livelihoods by Lucía Fernández and Martha Chen

Ciudad Saludable by Albina Ruiz Ríos

The Sound of Garbage by Rocío López Íñigo

A Long Way from the Dump by Evelyn Mansilla

Trash Moves by Maite Zubiaurre

Beautiful Trash by Paola Ibarra

Daniel Lind-Ramos by Lowell Fiet

A Present from the Sea by Sonia Cabanillas

Burning Messages by Michael Wellen

Haiti in the Time of Trash by Linda Khachadurian

Thinking on Film and Trash by Ernesto Livon-Grosman

Privatizing Latin American Garbage? It’s Complicated… by Sarah Hill

Trash in the Water by James Howe and Libby McDonald

Zero Waste in Punta Cana by Jake Kheel

Recycling in Guatemala: A Photoessay by Kellie Cason O’Connor

Buenos Aires by Jessica Sequeira

Transforming Values by Julia Leitner

Breeding Gangs A Review by Marcela Valdes

Art as Civic Acupuncture A Review by Pedro Reina-Pérez

Bringing the War to Mexico A Review by Andrea Oñate

Tracing Back Marijuana Stigma A Review by Viridiana Ríos

We Make Things Happen by Marcela Rentería