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Forbidden Embrace

In 2020, the pandemic crisis has hit the Brazilian Amazon hard. Indigenous communities are particularly vulnerable to Covid-19 and its severe consequences, due to historical and socio-economic factors  aggravated by the persistence of colonial practices in their native...

Brazil’s Vaccinated Democracy

In March 2021, former Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, a current presidential candidate, posed a pointed question in a speech lambasting President Jair Bolsonaro’s Covid-19 response. “Where is our beloved Zé Gotinha?” Zé Gotinha is not a respected public health expert or crisis manager


Perspectives in the Era of COVID

Check out these reflections on social, economic, cultural and political transformations during this new phase of the pandemic in Latin America, the Caribbean and Latinx communities in the United States.

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Editor’s Letter – Eyes on COVID-19

Editor's Letter Documenting Covid-19 It’s been two years, two months and some days since we published Olivia Liendo’s powerful article “With Covid-19, We are All Immigrants.” Relating how friends, family and strangers came together to help her mother in Venezuela...

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For the First Time

For the First Time

When I walk barefoot in the Arizona desert, I make sure to dig my feet into the sand. The act is vulnerable, not knowing what has been buried and hidden between specks.

Safe Harbor

Safe Harbor

The sounds of containers knocking against one another wake me up. A blue light pierces the sheer curtains…

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