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ReVista focuses on different themes related to Latin America. The magazine-length publication brings together different voices on each theme, highlighting the work of Harvard faculty, students, alumni and Visiting Scholars.

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Dear Readers,

The print issue of ReVista has temporarily been suspended until further notice due to budget cuts. Those of you who have subscribed to ReVista over the years know that we aim to create a community, and we will continue to do so online.

Calling All Harvard Students!


Have you traveled to Latin America or the Caribbean? Write about your experience for ReVista!


ReVista is looking to feature Harvard student views on recent travel to Latin America or the Caribbean. These short, travel blog-style entries can be about anything from restaurant recommendations to cultural experiences. We will also accept articles based on Harvard student research done in the region. They will be featured alongside longer articles from prominent academics on politics, economics and culture in Latin America. 


Check out Sadie Weber's student perspective on zooarcheology in Peru here!


To find out more about the program or to submit an entry, email!

Video Spotlight: Steve Levitsky Discusses Venezuela



Harvard's David Rockefeller Professor of Latin American Studies and Government and author of "How Democracies Die", Steve Levitsky, discusses the current crisis in Venezuela. For more readings on Venezuela, check out our 2008 issue!


Levitsky introduces the current situation in Venezuela (0:00 - 2:57), and then discusses various other topics related to the crisis. 
Historical background (2:57 - 7:44)
The Opposition (7:44 - 14:21)
The Venezuelan Military (14:21 - 18:37)
External Pressures and the Future (18:37 - 20:46)


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