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Vaccine Revolts

In the past eight months, conservative Brazilian politicians have invoked rights against public health mandates at least twice. In June, Congresswoman Carla Zambelli falsely claimed that a federal bill allowed “unconstitutional home invasions” to enforce mask usage inside…

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Where Were the Women in Colonial Brazil?

Exploratory archival research can be a solitary – not to mention thankless – task. Most of the time, we spend many hours going through very old manuscripts whose historical value we can’t even determine for sure. The goal is usually to find some sort of primary source…

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A Tale of the Three Canudos

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When we arrived it was still daytime. It had taken us twelve hours to get there, almost twice as much as expected. As I got off the bus, I felt a heat wave slap me on the face. The air was humid,

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Between America and Europe

On Tuesday, September 9, 1645, at 12 noon, the cocoa trader Antonio Méndez Chillón was arrested at his home in Veracruz (New Spain) by the Inquisition commissioner and charged with Jewish heresy. This episode, which was far from being isolated, helps shed…

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