Category: Memory and Reconciliation

The Other 9/11

Like a bolt of lightning that illuminates a darkened landscape, attracting everyone’s attention, the recent commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the military coup of 9-11-1973 has…

Chile’s National Stadium

Chile’s national stadium became a national monument on August 21, 2003. Thirty years ago, just after the Pinochet coup, the National Stadium possessed the largest single prison population in the country. Today, the stadium joins other civil-society…

The Coup in Chile

English + Español
I was in England at the time of the coup. Like many observers it took me by surprise—I thought that, difficult though the situation was in Chile, somehow a compromise would be worked out…

From the Culture of Confrontation

English + Español
In 1969, two soft drinks sparked an episode worthy of the Cold War in Chile. The protagonists of this new clash were products from the same company, the essence of the image of imperialism…


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