Category: The Challenges of Sustainability and Covid-19

Cacao Creativity

In a world where climate change is accelerating and concerns over environmental resources abound, the need for innovative, new solutions has never been greater. Enter fish scales, sugarcane, algae and cacao. A seemingly motley mix, they nonetheless have…

Chocolate in the Time of Covid-19

We at the Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute (FCCI) are a Massachusetts-based non-profit organization dedicated to research and education on the fine cacao and chocolate industry. Usually, we spend our time investigating the cacao and chocolate industries…

Cocoa versus Cacao

One early morning in September 2017, I bought a bean tamale for two quetzals, equivalent to a U.S. quarter. The middle-aged vendor wore a multi-colored cloth skirt, snug above the waist and falling to mid-calf, and a knit mesh crop-top over a purple tank. Her skirt…

From Amazonia Coca to Cacao

English + Español
It was a Saturday in March. After three hours, we were still traveling down the Huallaga River in a small wooden boat. The roar of the motor could be heard all the way along the route, as we watched the blue sky with its white cotton clouds, the deep green of the…

The Paradox of Chocolate Agrobiodiversity

The agrobiodiversity of cacao has become increasingly appreciated at the same time it is most endangered. Smallholder farmers and indigenous growers of cultivated cacao and their landscapes containing wild cacao are particularly caught in these contradictory trends…


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