Category: COVID August 2021

Making Post-Covid Recovery Smart and Sustainable

English + Español
As a mother of three, I cannot forget how often on pediatric visits my children’s physician had warned me that when a pandemic came, we must all leave the city and move to rural areas…

Sharing: a Powerful Tool to Overcome Uncertainty

I boarded the panga (a small boat used by fishermen), with the same apprehension that I felt about my arrival to Rio Quito, a tiny municipality on the banks of the rushing Atrato river in…

MASI, the Peruvian Ventilator

English + Español
I don’t know what was more distressing: the sound of the ambulance sirens announcing more Covid infections and more deaths or the desperate telephone calls. The jingle of…

Getting Things Done

What do the president of a development bank, a career civil servant and a Harvard undergraduate at Harvard have in common? With a keen interest in development finance, Sergio…

Compassion in the Storm

English + Español
Stimulated by a recent invitation by my dear friend and mentor Fernando Reimers to share some personal insights into the challenges for educational leadership in these times, I was immediately…

Above the “Marombas”

English + Portuguese
In June of the second year of the new biological or biocultural plague ravaging humanity, I crossed the wooden bridges of the small Amazonian community of Cacau Pirêra, in the district…

Latinx Im/mobilities

An elderly Mexican American grandmother’s trek to the supermarket cut short due to fear of contagion, which in turn, has affected her diabetes. Yo¬¬ung adult Armando worries that…


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