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Women Farmworkers and Gardening

English + Español
It’s 6 a.m. in Immokalee, Florida, and the roosters all over town are singing in cacophony, echoing from all directions in the dark. Farmworkers gather in small groups in the large parking

My Domestic Harvard Enclave

English + Español
I’m a first-year student at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design (GSD), yet I’ve never set foot in Cambridge as a student. I’ve been studying remotely from Argentina, and hope my experience

Our Family During Covid

Families in Brazil—and all over the Americas—face challenges during the pandemic. Those challenges for young people are even more apparent when your mother is a political scientist who studies and consults on the effects of the pandemic…

Exhausted Women

English + Español
We women are tired. Physically and psychologically. It is not just the fatigue due to the pandemic, or that of a particular context. It is historical fatigue, transmitted and accumulated,

Brazilian Science under Attack

As a Brazilian graduate student, I am researching daily attacks scientists and professionals who defend evidence-based health have been suffering since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Solidarity through Community Dining Rooms: Olla común

A photo by Claudio Santana was chosen for the digital photo exhibition, “Documenting the Impact of Covid-19 through Photography: Collective Isolation in Latin America,” curated in collaboration with ReVista and the Art,


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