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The Afterlife of Rubén Darío in English

English + Español
Argentine writer Enrique Anderson Imbert (1910–2000)—who, incidentally, in 1965 became the first Victor S. Thomas Professor of Hispanic Literature at Harvard—once wrote that the Nicaraguan poet Rubén Darío divides the history of Spanish-language literature in…

The artistry of the Güegüence

English + Español
El Güegüence has accompanied me for years, first as the colorful childhood memory of a folklore presentation I saw in Nicaragua in the 1980s, before I left the country, and then, years later, as one of my preferred research topics as I pursued my doctorate in Romance…


English + Español
Afterglow: Nicaragua, they tricked your children, or perhaps you tricked them yourself. You felt content and abundant in your foreign elite, in the whiteness of your ruling class…

Nicaragua, Land of Poets

English + Español
On July 19, 2019, Nicaragua commemorates the 40th anniversary of what is considered to be one of the last and greatest social revolutions of Latin America’s 20th century: the Sandinista Revolution (1979-1990). In accordance with the tradition inaugurated by the great…

Solentiname Reflected

English + Español
I became a priest in order to found a small contemplative community on an island in the archipelago of Solentiname in Lake Nicaragua. In the twelve and a half years that we maintained our small community in Solentiname we received a great many visitors, from…

Here Nicaragua, change…

English + Español
Ernesto Cardenal is the greatest of Nicaragua’s living poets. Born in 1925, and still active (in 2018, he published a long poem as a book), none of his fellow countrymen and women can match his creative longevity, and indeed there are those who would consider him…


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