Category: New Audiences, New Forms

Hybrid Fiction in Latin America

The father of a friend of mine became hooked on Avenida Brasil, a Brazilian telenovela that was a hit in several Latin American countries. Every night, as he sat down to watch the telenovela, he…

Brazilian Telenovelas and Social Merchandising

If only watching TV shows were as simple as it seems. Rather than just “unplugging” from the world and enjoying some mental distractions from life’s stresses, television audiences…

You Teach a Class about Telenovelas? (gasp!)

There is a place where everything comes together: research, learning and teaching; telenovela, culture and society; industry, art and academia; Latin America and the rest of the world. It is the…

Blending Dry Facts with Emotion

The evening news comes on, and on the screen there’s a woman crying, telling of her close escape from a derailed Harlem subway train or from the gruesome Manchester concert…


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