Category: Health and Drugs

U.S. Drug and Coca Eradication Policies in Bolivia

The 1980s brought us such things as big hair, baggy clothes, and the resurgence of both neon colors and the electric keyboard. It also brought us Reaganomics and a rambunctious First Lady…

A Victory Over Patents

Brazil has become the first developing country to provide free and universal treatment to HIV-infected people and a relative stabilization of the disease incidence has been observed since…

When Silence is Gold(en)

As I write this, there’s a crowd protesting, chanting and waving banners, 15 floors below my window here in Lima, Peru. Police in full riot gear encircle protesters and occasionally restrain…

When Ideology Undermines Public Health

Recently I reviewed a request for proposals to evaluate a USAID-funded organization in Latin America, and was dismayed to see the following description: “an evaluation of the adolescent…


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