Peru (Fall 2014)

Peru "Remando hacia la Esperanza" ("Rowing Towards Hope") Photo by María Isabel Pérez Reátegui /ASOCIACIÓN "ESTAMOS EN LA CALLE" Colección "Los Rostros de Perú," OJOS PROPIOS /RENIEC. Barrio de Belén, Iquitos, June 2014


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Check out Sadie Weber's student perspective on zooarcheology in Peru here!

Table of Contents

Paradoxes of Peruvian Democracy by Steven Levitsky

Contemporary Peru and the Big Screen by Alberto Vergara

Seeking Progress in Twentieth-Century Peru by Shane Hunt

Towards a National Value Proposition for Peru by Michael E. Porter and Jorge Ramírez Vallejo

Building a Template for Sustainable Forestry by Lorne Matalon

An Andean Puma Reaches Out by Daniel M. Schydlowsky

Protests over Resource Extraction in Peru by Moisés Arc

The Polycentric City by Aldo Panfichi

Reverse Urbanism by Oscar Malaspina

Best-Selling Newspaper by Liz Mineo

The Violence of the VIP Boxes by Víctor Vich

Drizzling Protest by Aaron Watanabe

Gastón Acurio: A Recipe for Success by Gustavo Herrero

Culinary Fusion and Colonialism by María Elena García

Fusion and Identity by Adolfo Perret Bermúdez

The Food of the Gods by Luis Millones

A Taste of Lima by Johanna Damgaard Liander

Potatoes! by Tilsa Ponce

Dismantling the Boom of Peruvian Cuisine by Raúl Matta

Colonial Shadows by Gustavo Buntinx and Víctor Vich

The Nu LatAm Sound by Sergio C. Muñoz

Institutionalizing the Lima Museum of Art by Matthew Bird

Six Young Peruvian Poets by Paolo de Lima

Peruvian Literature by José Antonio Mazzotti

Political Violence and the Colors of Art by Edilberto Jiménez Quispe

First Do No Harm by Kimberly Theidon

Peace and Reconciliation by Salomón Lerner Febres

A Road Less Traveled By by David Scott Palmer

“Uncontacted” Peruvians by Theodore Macdonald

Afro-Peru by Omar H. Ali

Women and the Court A Review by Susan Fitzpatrick-Behrens

Building Bridges A Review by Timothy Matovina

A Prescient View of Colombia’s Path to Peace A Review by Pedro Reina-Pérez

Occupational Hazards A Review by Max Paul Friedman

A Look at Microfinance by Roisin Duffy-Gideon