Universities (Fall 2012)


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Table of Contents

Innovating Universities by Fernando Reimers

Higher Education in Peru and Beyond by Felipe Portocarrero Suárez 

Management in Latin American Universities by Andrés Bernasconi

Move Over da Vinci! by Stuart M. McManus

Catholic Universities by Pablo Quintanilla 

Student-Centered University Learning by Julie Schell

University Faculty by Ned Strong

Doctorates, Colombian Style by Ann Mason

The MECESUP Program in Chile by Ricardo Reich

Strengthening Teaching and Learning in Latin America by Peter DeShazo and Angélica Natera

Venezuela: Forging Knowledge by César Peña Vigas 

In the Eye of the Beholder by Liz Reisberg and Iván Pacheco

Building Knowledge Economies in Central America by Jorge Huete-Pérez, Peter Sommer and Fernando Quezada

Taking on the Challenges by Moisés Wasserman

Combating Inequity through Higher Education by Carlos Angulo-Galvis

Capitalism in the Classrooms? by Claudio de Moura Castro, Aldo Giuntini and Luciana Lima

Breaking A Vicious Cycle of Social Exclusion by Naomar Almeida-Filho

Affirmative Action in Brazil by Márcia Lima

From War to Progress by Roberto Moreno and Ronald Curtiss

Student Activism by Jaime Pensado

Chile’s Student Protests by Peter M. Siavelis

Venezuela’s Student Movement by Erick Rozo

Is Brazil Part of Latin America? A Review by Alfredo César Melo

Generals, G-Men, and Mexico’s Political Transformation A Review by Halbert Jones

A Problem with the UN Millennium Goals by Margaret Morganroth Gullette 

The Last Word by Jane Jaquette