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De-encapsulated Bilingual Education in Brazil

One school in São, Paulo, Brazil—with which co-author Susan Clemensha is very involved— is striving to create multilingual and multicultural contexts for learning, distancing itself from the…

After the American Dream

“Migrants have much more to offer a country than they take away from it, right?” exclaimed Leny Álvarez, a young returnee migrant born in Mexico and raised in Florida. This phrase reflects one…

What Two Can Do

English + Español
The majority of the world’s population speaks more than one language. That means, normally, that people communicate through two or more codes to construct complex world views…

Cruzando My Own River

English + Español
Soy hijo de un Indio Chichimeca y una mujer tan blanca que people mistook her for a gringa…

Teaching Spanish to Latinx Youth in the United States

English + Español
Frustration and concern could be heard clearly in my friend Sara’s voice, “María Luisa, please, I need you to tutor Juan Pablo. He just flunked his Spanish test.” To fail a Spanish test—or any test…

Crossing Borders

Eleven-year-old Tito was summoned to his school principal’s office in Tepanco de López, Mexico. He was not in trouble, at least not in a disciplining sense. He was summoned because we wanted…


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