Category: Forced from Home

Colombia’s Other Displacements

Of course, I knew about Colombia’s sad statistics on displacement, with the highest numbers in Latin America and vying with those of war-torn countries like Sudan and…

A Search for Food Sovereignty

Displaced persons in post-conflict societies throughout Central and South America have been finding an unusual source of support: seed networks of food-growers…

Indigenous Displacement in Southern Chile

English + Español
In the dawn of January 4, 2013, Werner Luchsinger, 75, and his wife Vivianne Mackay, 69, a couple who farmed in the Araucanía region of southern Chile, were burned…

Flight, Exile and Identity

English + Español
Teresa lives in Ate, a working-class district in Lima. Until 1984, she resided in a rural community in the department of Ayacucho. That year, the terrorist organization…


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