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Jair Bolsonaro’s “Little Cold”

English + Português
In December 1849, U.S. ships from California passed by the Brazilian coast and the doctor of the foreigners’ ward at the Santa Casa de Misericórdia in Rio de Janeiro suspected that he was facing yellow fever cases. He visited taverns frequented by sailors and informed the…

The Window, the Balcony, the Door and the Gate

English + Español
In these times of pandemic, it’s necessary to reflect, to look at the past, to glimpse the future, that of the outside and the one on the inside too. For the Puerto Rican artist, that is not easy. Like artists from other latitudes, we have spent centuries trying to strike the balance of breaking…

From Amazonia Coca to Cacao

English + Español
It was a Saturday in March. After three hours, we were still traveling down the Huallaga River in a small wooden boat. The roar of the motor could be heard all the way along the route, as we watched the blue sky with its white cotton clouds, the deep green of the…


English + Español
Going to school can be dangerous for some students. Classrooms and campuses, as well as transit to and from them, can be spaces of physical violence including gang violence and harassment. Silences or misrepresentation of minority identities in school curricula act as…

Using Research to Save Lives

Every Thursday at 5:30 a.m., I leave my house in a residential section of São Paulo to shop for fruits and vegetables at a nearby outdoor organic farmer’s market. Since the second week in March, it is the only time I venture forth from my home. Since the second week in March…


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