Category: COVID November 2021

That Lovely Violence of Ours

English + Español
It used to be there were products that hid violent messages to attract consumers. Now, there is nothing subliminal in finding human heads inside coolers with a grocery store brand, heads rolling in a bar in the middle of the track, heads slaughtered on video, heads shattered…

Reinventing Research in Times of Pandemic

The pandemic, a global health emergency, descended upon us in March 2020. In this unexpected crisis with unknown disastrous implications, to write about the process of research in urban studies, social sciences or other fields of the humanities might seem irrelevant…

Mastering Unity

So implores native son Manuel, who returns to Fonds Rouge, Haiti, after toiling on Cuba’s sugar plantations in Gouverneurs de la Rose´e´ (“Masters of the Dew”), the…

Planting Dreams

English + Español
Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano once wrote, “Many little people, in small places, doing little things, can change the world.” A few days ago, I called my friend and retired teacher Elena…

Poverty in Brazil in Times of Pandemic

Growing up in the 1970s in Brazil was a mixture of adventure and fear. Imagine a child in a lower-middle-class family very involved in fighting the military dictatorship that ruled the…


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