Category: COVID September 2021

So Close, Yet So Far

English + Español
Last December, my boyfriend Alejandro and I had been apart for a year due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. I managed to snag a very full flight to Cuba to see him. At the time, Cuba was…

Terrorism, Sects and Banditry

English + Español
Messianism, conspiracy theories, prophecies, temporary standstill and the collective feeling that humanity will not be able to escape its fate have been reinforced during the Covid-19…

Hope in Uncertain Times

English + Español
The Covid-19 crisis represents a special opportunity to reimagine education and education systems. Currently, some educators, social entrepreneurs, and policy makers are developing…

The Neglected Sector: Agriculture in Peru

As a Peruvian student who grew up in a country that praises itself for its diversity of agricultural production and where more than a quarter of the population works in agriculture…

Ephemeral Memorials

The emotional challenges of Covid-19 have been immense, especially when it comes to memorializing the dead—both our own loved ones and the nameless others lost in an enormous…


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