Category: Healing, Sacredness and Beyond

Living with Landscapes: The Primacy of Nature

In many places in America, Asia and Europe, your doctor just might pen a “park prescription” urging green space use or send you to a “forest bathing” spa that touts nature’s health benefits…

Indigo in Guatemala

English + Español
The king of dyes and the dye of kings, indigo—that amazing blue dye—is native to Guatemala. Although it is a common belief that the Spanish brought indigo (añil) to the…

The Coolness of Cleansing

Cleanliness has long served as a form of religious devotion—to be cleansed, purified and sanctified grants one access to sacred spaces and certain ritual experiences. At times…

The Biology of Consciousness

Substitute the word biology for psychology, and you’d have my consideration of consciousness—my own curiosity in writing about that subject parallels that of James about…


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