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The Collapsing of Line 12 of the Mexico City Metro

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I was born and raised in Mexico City (formerly known as the Distrito Federal, until someone had the really good idea of calling it by its most commonly used name) and as a Mexico City native, or chilango, I have always been fascinated by the metro.

Crossing Paths

Human mobility often comes at the expense of the landscape and the nonhuman. Roads and transportation systems intensify habitat fragmentation. Toxins from the road materials leach into the soil. Animals (of the nonhuman sort) are killed by collision with automobiles…

Medellín’s Low-Carbon Metrocables

“The cable-car is not a toy, and no one will take it away from us,” the young woman asserted. Her words confirmed to me how central Medellín’s first Metrocable had become to the life of one of the city’s poorest and most troubled comunas. The community leader in her…

Rivers, Rail, Roads and Regions

A couple of years ago I found myself stuck in a bus terminal on a rainy Friday afternoon in São Paulo, Brazil. Predicted mild showers turned out to be a summer storm— an all-too-familiar experience of those who are lucky enough to live in this sprawling metropolis…


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