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Lessons from Those Who Make Learning Possible

Entering the classroom for the first time is always challenging, regardless of whether you are a student or an educator. For most instructors in Higher Education in Latin America, that…

How to Boost Economic Development in Latin America?

English + Español
As someone who has worked in economic development in Latin America for more than 20 years, I’ve witnessed more failures than success stories. Frustrated on the plane back from another failed attempt to contribute to development, I decided to reflect on “what” to reform and “how,” to better understand the path to economic development for the entire region within the Covid-19 context…

An Educational Calamity

English + Español
Not long after the first cases of Covid-19 appeared in the news in early 2020, I was preparing to attend Teach For All’s Potential Partner Immersion Training in Nepal. As one of the co-founders…

Finding out “We”

English + Español
It all started in 2020. I work at Enseña Peru, seeking to build a movement of leadership for a transcendent education for everyone in Peru. We offer three leadership programs…

Resiliency in Uncertainty

As the Covid-19 pandemic raged across the globe, educators and policy makers were put in the position of making difficult decisions based on little information. As a student in Fernando…

Where do we, women, go? (Quo vadis, women?)

English + Español
During the last year, we have witnessed a sudden, traumatic change in our lives. We have seen how the pandemic accelerated inequality in the world, jeopardizing decades of social…

Culture in Quarantine

English + Español
During the Covid-19 pandemic, cultural institutions suffered long closures. In South American countries, these institutions will not only require greater economic solvency, but also the…

Pandemic and Museums

English + Español
Museums navigate the challenges of satisfying the interests and curiosity of their patrons. Many crave to gawk at unusual, rare, strange, interesting or beautiful objects but…


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