Category: COVID June 2021

Has Brazil Recovered? Wait, Not so Fast…

Every time I opened the newspaper recently, I encountered exciting news about Brazil, my home country. The economy grew 1.2 percent in the first quarter of 2021, returning to pre-pandemic…

Covid-19: At the Beginning

The first time I realized I could offer photos to people who had endured more than I could even imagine was when I was 22 years old and living in Egypt as a freelance photojournalist. A…

We Can’t Stop

Latin America has become a hotspot for Covid-19 as the number of cases rises and persists. It’s a region that brings together ideal conditions for a pandemic: lack of investment in health care systems and a dependence on informal…

The Accordion Experience in Public Spaces

English + Español
It was not easy to begin my doctoral program at the Harvard Graduate School of Design when the world is changing at rates that I had never witnessed before. The remote mode gave me the…

The Rock Salt of the Earth

In Maceió, my hometown in Brazil, adding to the Covid-19 crisis, my community has been concerned about how to handle the crisis generated by the rock salt extractive business that so far

Online Justice in a Pandemic

English + Español
Gustav Radbruck, a 20th-century German legal scholar and politician, lived through a time of revolutions, wars and fundamental changes in the perception of law and justice…


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