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My Domestic Harvard Enclave

English + Español
I’m a first-year student at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design (GSD), yet I’ve never set foot in Cambridge as a student. I’ve been studying remotely from Argentina, and hope my experience

Do Criminal Groups Make or Break Citizens?

Sitting in a café, waiting for my next interviewee to arrive, I take a sip of my latte. I glance around, and everything seems as if normal. If not for the humming backdrop of

Beyond the Accent: A Virtual Wintership in Chile

I applied to the DRCLAS Winternship for two main reasons. I wanted to have an international experience (albeit it would be remote) and number two because I really wanted to gain fluency in Spanish.

Brazilian Science under Attack

As a Brazilian graduate student, I am researching daily attacks scientists and professionals who defend evidence-based health have been suffering since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Open Minds of Latin America

English + Español
I’m sitting in a giant soccer stadium painted green from tens of thousands of jerseys. With each pass, we all scream “Olé!” With each missed shot, our collective shrug reverberates through the

A Year in Lima

English + Español
A cacophony of whispers and rumors circulated that Peruvians should prepare to quarantine at home for two weeks. A line stretched outside of the grocery store for nearly half a block. My

On Timing and Resilience

English + Español
Back in my homeland of Venezuela, I became interested in urban resilience, the public realm and how the values of society are represented in the urban fabric as I carried out my architecture studies

International Cooperation Minus the Empanadas

English + Español
Applying for the DRCLAS winternship program over winter break was a no-brainer for me. Latin America has always interested me, and it made sense to learn more about the region even

Changemaking in Argentina with DRCLAS

English + Español
I was incredibly excited at the prospect of spending last summer in Buenos Aires. Streetside tango, huge murals and barbeques overflowing with fresh steak seemed to provide the perfect

Conducting Virtual Research for Argentina

English + Español
It might not be the way most college sophomores spend their Friday nights. Whether it was a high-stakes game of Jenga or just listening to how someone’s day had gone, I found that my experience

The Longest Christmas

English + Español
I smile as my mother and I dance along to the music, the quick beat resonating with our bodies as we move. “El jolgorio está! Te digo que está bien por la maceta, vamos a gozar, ja ja, wepa, wepa, wepa,” the music booms through the room, the maracas shaking to the beat…

Health as Human Right

I began the year 2020 on the eighth floor of Boston’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, in the first of many future visits with my oncologist. Though I had received a lymphoma diagnosis just before Christmas, a few days later, on January 4th, I sat in a dorm room at the University…

The WhatsApp Experience

A relatively young commercial city of around 80,000 inhabitants in the Colombian vast oriental plainlands received about 18,000 internally displaced persons of the country’s longstanding

Remembering Chilean Folktales

When you were growing up, you probably loved to listen to bedtime stories before bed. If you are from the United States, you may have heard tales of princesses being rescued by princes…

Researching Architecture Without Leaving Home

2020 was the beginning of my master’s degree studies. At the end of 2019 I found out that I was accepted into the at the University of São Paulo master’s in history and

The Literate Universe and the Pandemic

English + Español
When my father tested positive for Covid-19 we became a worried, and lost, family. We didn’t know how he had become infected or what we could do to help him…


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