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My Domestic Harvard Enclave

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I’m a first-year student at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design (GSD), yet I’ve never set foot in Cambridge as a student. I’ve been studying remotely from Argentina, and hope my experience

Our Family During Covid

Families in Brazil—and all over the Americas—face challenges during the pandemic. Those challenges for young people are even more apparent when your mother is a political scientist who studies and consults on the effects of the pandemic…

Exhausted Women

English + Español
We women are tired. Physically and psychologically. It is not just the fatigue due to the pandemic, or that of a particular context. It is historical fatigue, transmitted and accumulated,

Brazilian Science under Attack

As a Brazilian graduate student, I am researching daily attacks scientists and professionals who defend evidence-based health have been suffering since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Solidarity through Community Dining Rooms: Olla común

A photo by Claudio Santana was chosen for the digital photo exhibition, “Documenting the Impact of Covid-19 through Photography: Collective Isolation in Latin America,” curated in collaboration with ReVista and the Art,

Women Leaders and Superior Covid-19 Performance

English + Español
You may have heard that women leaders steered their countries to better Covid-19 outcomes. This narrative emerged in the first months of the pandemic, as journalists observed that countries

A Year in Lima

English + Español
A cacophony of whispers and rumors circulated that Peruvians should prepare to quarantine at home for two weeks. A line stretched outside of the grocery store for nearly half a block. My

War of Images and Messages

My father was born in 1933 in Berlin in a Jewish family. I was born in Brazil and grew up during a military regime, one of the many Cold War South American dictatorships that counted on…

Religion: A Cultural Trait in Cuba

English + Español
With the arrival of the year 2020 and the accompanying Covid-19 pandemic, we could not imagine how much everything was going to change. What seemed to be daily

Letter from Puerto Rico

I have been working with the Latinx and Latin American LGBT community for more than 20 years, and teaching yoga and mindfulness to LGBT and Gender Queer Older Adults in Puerto Rico since 2018…

Manaus: Death in the Amazon

Manaus, a metropolis of more than two million inhabitants in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest, suffered the lethal impacts of the Covid 19 pandemic like no other Brazilian city. Hospitals without…

The Challenges

Going out every day to capture the best story or photo is challenging. Photographing in this period in which we are living, even knowing the risks we are taking, is being able to inform the population, through images, of the reality we are facing, but in the least painful…

Finally I Had My Happy Ending!

English + Español
It is highly unusual to see the word “happy” in an article about Covid-19. However, what I’m referring to here is the way in which Finsocial—our fintech company dedicated to consumer credit and…

Changemaking in Argentina with DRCLAS

English + Español
I was incredibly excited at the prospect of spending last summer in Buenos Aires. Streetside tango, huge murals and barbeques overflowing with fresh steak seemed to provide the perfect

Education and Post-pandemic Reconstruction

English + Español
As someone who has followed international education for decades, I’ve seen that few issues generate more consensus than the belief that education is crucial for development. No country has achieved significant economic, social and political progress without expanding and…


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